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12 Mirror Closet Sliding Door Makeover Ideas

Looking to get rid of the mirrors in your motorhome or travel trailer bedroom?  Take a look at how these RV owners gave their closets a makeover!

Green Cup

Kathy Bross made her mirrored closet doors look like barn doors by covering them with wood plank wallpaper, then adding narrow strips of the wallpaper to look like beams.

Angela Ferrell hung a pretty shower curtain across her closet doors to match her bedspread.

Kelly Hussin added vinyl decals to her mirrors that look like etched glass.

Ginger McCarty used Krylon frosted glass spray paint on her mirrors, then added a vinyl decal.

Melissa Martin used bead board wallpaper and hinge decals to create this look.

After adding curtains and a quilted valance, Alana Black’s closet looks more like an extra window!

Kate Hopson of WheeledAndFree.com removed her closet doors altogether, replacing them with cube storage and curtains.

Lisa Booker trimmed a wall mural to fit her closet doors.  Now she can feel like she’s next to the ocean no matter where she’s parked!

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