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Insulating RV Walls with Faux “Wood Plank” Adhesive Panels

Campers and motorhomes are notorious for having thin walls without much insulation.  This of course makes them lighter weight, but also means it’s hard to keep them warm in cold weather.

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What I Used for Insulating My RV Walls

The key to this project is an adhesive decorative wall covering from a company called Arthome.  In fact, this project has a double bonus: not only can it potentially slow down heat loss through the walls of an RV, but you could use it to give your RV walls a style makeover as well.

Installing the Adhesive Wall Panels

The panels have a paper backing you peel off to expose the adhesive.

The first step was to measure and cut the panels to the correct size.  “Measure twice and cut once,” as they say!

I started out using an X-acto knife over a cutting board to cut the material, but later I started using a pair of sharp scissors and those worked well too.

Following the product instructions, I cleaned the walls of my closet.  I just used a microfiber cloth damp with water to remove any dust particles since the walls of my closet weren’t really dirty.

Then I got started sticking it to the walls.  I decided to run the “planks” horizontally so that the foam would easily bend with the curve of the wall.  I like this look better anyway.

After I installed the first one, I learned with the second one that it was better to start at the top and leave the extra inch or so of space at the bottom next to the floor instead of starting at the bottom and working up to the top, so that way the narrow strip I cut to fit in the gap would be less noticeable.

The hardest parts were the walls with a curved edge and going around the closet pole But since the material bends, I was able to position it with the backing still on.

And here it is finished!  The whole project only took me a few hours.

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