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Incredible Toy Hauler Garage Transformations

Full time RVers need to maximize living space, and one way many choose to do this is by converting a toy hauler garage into an extra bedroom, living area, or office.

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Give a Toy Hauler Garage a Makeover With a Few Simple Changes – Adding a big area rug – Laying down carpet or floating vinyl flooring – Adding a comfy sofa, desk, or other furniture – Hanging a large curtain or tapestry over the garage door entrance

Carpeting a Toy Hauler Garage Carpet can make the cargo area of toy hauler feel less industrial and “garage-like” and more home-like.

Putting vinyl flooring in a toy hauler garage RVer Shanna and her husband wanted to create a bedroom for their daughter but keep the option of returning the garage to its original function of hauling toys, so they laid down a plywood subfloor.

Adding Decorative Touches Curtains help make the garage area of this toy hauler fifth wheel feel cozier by covering black and metal components. When the bed is raised, an area rug makes the living and office space underneath feel more inviting.

Toy Hauler Garages as Multi-Purpose Rooms Many people who live in a toy hauler full time turn the garage into a “multi-purpose room” that may include space for extra storage, large appliances like a freezer, a second refrigerator, or a washer and dryer.

Area rugs, full-length sheer curtains, residential furniture, wall decor, and plants create a homey vibe in this toy hauler garage that provides a place for the full-time RVing owners to put things like a freezer, mini fridge, air fryer, bread machine.

Adding custom bunk beds: The Ticknor family has been traveling full-time for over 10 years.  They have 12 children, eight of which live with them in their RV, so in their toy hauler’s garage they added bunk beds for their boys as well as a stackable washer and dryer, a deep freeze, and extra storage.

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