Incredible Toy Hauler Garage Makeovers

Toy Hauler Garage Makeovers

Here are some examples of what people living in a toy hauler have done with their garage space to inspire you to get creative with yours!

Carpet can make the cargo area of toy hauler feel less industrial and “garage-like” and more home-like.

Carpeting a Toy Hauler Garage

Putting vinyl flooring in a toy hauler garage

They laid down a plywood subfloor, covered it with peel-and-stick laminate flooring, and hung a curtain to disguise the ramp wall.

Adding Decorative Touches

Curtains help make the garage area of this toy hauler fifth wheel feel cozier by covering black and metal components.

A wall-mounted drop-leaf table creates a work space in this toy hauler garage while leaving space for hauling “toys”.

Toy Hauler Garages Used as an Office or Work Space

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