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7 Ideas for Updating RVs With Wood Cabinets (Without Painting Them!)

If painting, staining, or replacing your wood cabinets is out of the question, try one or a few of these ideas for a fresh look.

Green Cup

1. A white subway tile backsplash

White subway tile can brighten and modernize oak or maple cabinets, making a dark kitchen seem lighter.

2. Gray walls

Gray is a trendy choice for wall color (“the new beige”), and it happens to complement amber colored wood nicely.

3. Accent with stone or brick

A stone or brick backsplash or accent wall makes light wood seem rustic and earthy. Although real stone is likely too heavy for an RV, a look similar to the one, might be achieved using a faux stone veneer.

4. Mosaic tiles

A popular choice for many RVers a peel-and-stick tile backsplash, like this one that RV owners Emily and Barry installed in their kitchen. 

5.  Colorful walls

Try choosing a wall color that contrasts with honey colored wood.

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