How to Turn a Corner RV Bunk Room into a Mobile Office

RV Bunk Room into Mobile Office

Many RV owners work from their camper or motorhome, making an office space an essential. Read this story on how to turn an RV bunk room into a Mobile office.

The project begins

This is what the bunkhouse area looked like before the conversion.

Demolition in progress

The bunks were secured to the walls with long staples and weren't too difficult to remove.

Solving the problem

First, a box was built using materials leftover from the bunk removal to cover the hot water heater and electrical wiring. Both boxes can be easily disassembled if repairs are needed.

Next, in order to avoid having to reroute the plumbing, a pony wall was built to enclose the pipe using more salvaged materials, along with an added post.

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