How to Replace Your RV Awning Fabric

Replacing Your RV Awning Fabric

Is your RV awning torn, stained, or worn through? You don't have to pay someone else to repair it or install a new awning; you can easily do it yourself!

Tools Needed to Replace Your RV Awning Fabric

– Safety Glasses – RV Caulk – Vice Grips – Screwdriver – Sharpie – Wire Cutters – A Nail – Measuring Tape – Razor Cutter – Drill

1. Pull Out the Awning

The first step to replacing your RV awning fabric is to pull the existing awning out. Flip the awning latch into the “out” position and pull out your awning.

2. Lock Springs In Place

The next step is to ensure that the springs are locked into place.

3. Remove Awning Tube from Awning Arms

While holding the vice grip, remove the bolt from the awning arm to release the awning tube on the front end of the RV.

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