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How to Make Money Blogging: 5 Not-So-Simple Steps

I want to share what I believe are the essential ingredients for success in blogging as a business.

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Step 1: Understand the difference between blogging and content marketing.

Content websites are, in my opinion, easier to grow and monetize than personal blogs, because you can create whatever content your audience is Googling.

Step 2: Plan to do a lot of work that isn’t writing.

This is the process I follow for each article I write: 1. Topic research 2. Keyword research 3. Write the article and add photos 4. Add relevant links.

Step 3: Choose an audience instead of a niche.

“How to Make Money Blogging” courses tell you that the first step is to “Pick a niche”, meaning to choose a topic to blog about, and that it should be something you are already interested in.

Step 4: Create content your target audience is searching for.

A much easier way to make sure the content you create actually gets in front of your audience is to create content you know your audience is searching for.

Step 5: Monetize once you have consistent traffic.

Once you’ve created a variety of quality content that is consistently being read/viewed by new people every day, ways to monetize your traffic will become apparent. 

Alternatively: Figure out how to leverage your blog to make money from it indirectly.

Maybe you’ve done a lot of work to create a blog and have published lots of great content, but it’s not getting much traffic and you can’t figure out how to solve that problem.

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