How to Fix a Yellow Camper Shower

In older RVs, it’s normal to have a yellow camper shower. Most RV shower surrounds are made of plastic, which yellows over time.  Here are a few of the most recommended ways to whiten a yellowing shower.

Clean, clean, clean.

Your first temptation for fixing a yellow shower is a good deep cleaning. This can work. You can try to whiten yellowed plastic using these household products: – Bleach – Hydrogen Peroxide – Distilled White Vinegar – Baking Soda and Dawn Soap – Lemon and Sunshine

Try hair care products.

One RVer took a similar approach to the cleaning advice, using a hydrogen peroxide-based hair product on his yellow RV plastics.

Paint with marine paint!

Painting your shower may sound crazy, but there are paints designed exactly for this purpose. However, one specific type of paint rises to the top as the best paint for painting your RV shower: Rust-Oleum Topside Marine Paint.

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