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How We Changed Careers & Found Jobs We Love as RV Nomads

I wrote about leaving my job as a middle school English teacher in search of a career that would give me more freedom and flexibility, and I told how my husband Josiah also went from working a desk job to working from home as freelance web designer/developer.

Green Cup

I really enjoyed working from home on my laptop, on my own schedule, as a change from teaching

The only problem was, we weren’t finding any apartment deals that seemed safe enough to invest in–or rather, to invest other people’s money in.

We let this sink in.  Maybe the time wasn’t right for our investing business.  Maybe it would be better to first spend some time working in the industry in other capacities.  

He encouraged Josiah to honestly ask himself what value he was providing in exchange for what he wanted in return

Fortunately, I discovered a wonderful and supportive community by connecting with other RV bloggers, and by collaborating with some of them.

I started thinking it would be nice if there was a centralized resource for people

Josiah decided to return to the idea of building software for the real estate industry–and now he had the coding skills he needed to do it.

Josiah’s self-education was fueled by unwavering commitment to his dream of owning his own businesses

Taking the first steps toward our business and lifestyle goals required courage.  We frequently questioned the wisdom of the choices we were making–and if we had it to do over again, I’m sure we’d do some things differently.

Final thoughts

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