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What We Did & Didn’t Like About Living in an RV Full Time

In this article, I thought I would share with you the reasons for our decision, some of the pros and cons of living in an RV, and some things to consider if you yourself are considering the full time RV lifestyle to make sure you enjoy the experience to the fullest and don’t end up with any regrets.

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What we loved about living in an RV

One of the biggest immediate rewards of RV life was being freed from owning a bunch of stuff I was keeping only because I felt afraid of or guilty about letting go of it.

Owning Less Stuff

Being able to easily move to a different state was a key factor in Josiah’s career development, especially when he started his software company. Each move took us just three days: one day to remove our skirting, one day in transit and one day to unpack and put things back in place. 

Flexibility to Relocate

No Yard Work

When we had a house, I had a garden and lots of flower beds, and while I very much enjoyed these, they were also a lot of work.  Staying in RV parks and mobile home parks that take care of the lawn maintenance has spoiled us!

The RV Community

When we first had the idea of living in an RV, I had only ever known one other family to have done it, and it seemed like a wild and adventurous idea.  Come to find out, thousands of people of all ages across the U.S. and even around the world are choosing to live in RVs and are connecting with one another in online communities.

Increased Earning Potential

Leaving Springfield exposed us to ideas and experiences that created new opportunities for us.  Moving to a major city allowed Josiah to get a higher paying job that allowed him to develop skills that eventually enabled him to start his own company.

Is full time RV living right for you?

You can afford it

RVing can come with some hidden costs, so I would recommend Googling something like “cost of full time RVing” and cross-checking your own math to make sure you haven’t overlooked anything before making any major or drastic decisions.

You can handle the maintenance.

I recommend that RV owners budget monthly for the inevitable repairs, and unless you’re an experienced handyman or woman, or determined to become one, I would also recommend getting an RV warranty if your RV doesn’t come with one.

Your whole household is on board

An RV is a very small space to occupy with an unhappy person.  Sure, you can beg or force your family members to join you on your RV adventure.

You’re not a city person

For many RVers, being out in nature and away from civilization is one of the best things about RV life, and if that’s you, full time RVing may be perfect for you. 

You can escape the cold…or deal with it

Living in an RV in below-freezing temperatures, even a four-season RV, comes with its own set of challenges, one being the fact that skirting your RV to protect pipes from freezing and reduce heat loss makes frequent travel during winter pretty inconvenient.

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