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Tips for Working Remotely & Earning an Income to Fund Full Time Travel

Camille Attell helps people achieve the dream of being able to live, work, and travel whenever and wherever they want, even when they don’t think they have any alternative income earning options available to them.

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What would you tell someone who feels stuck in a job or career field that can’t be done remotely?

A lot of jobs can be done remotely, but you just have to ask or negotiate. Actually had a job in government that she’s now doing remotely, and she just started out gradually.

Not all work available to full time travelers is online.  I talk [in my course] about picking up local jobs. You just have to be creative and open minded.

Are there good ways for people to earn money on the road that don’t require advanced technology skills?

It depends on a couple of things. How motivated is the person? it’s probably gonna take some time. I’ve had people [who took the course] get a job within a week.

How soon can a person realistically expect to be earning money remotely?

It depends on the person and their commitment level. But for people who do want to blog for business, I know how to fast track them.

One way some people are earning a remote income is by blogging, and obviously you have a blog.

There really isn’t a single best resource. I will say that one of the many benefits of joining Remote Work School is that I have a partnership with a staffing agency, and am able to offer a tool to help students in their job search.

Do you have a favorite go-to resource for finding remote jobs?

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