We need color!

We purchased our awesome Class A motorhome in 2022, and it was very well-kept and clean, but it was floor-to-ceiling BEIGE and OAK.


The Bedroom

I knew my predominant color scheme was going to be teal, yellow, and gray because of the bedding I already had – a teal duvet cover, yellow hexagon-patterned sheets, a yellow and gray trellis-patterned throw blanket, and yellow and teal throw pillows.

How to Paint an RV

The wardrobe, cabinets, closets, doors, trim, and slide frames were solid oak with a clear coat of protective varnish. Instead of creating a massive dust mess by sanding all the wood, I used steel wool and mineral spirits to thin and scuff the surface so the paint would adhere better. After painting, I added a semi-gloss topcoat of Minwax ® polycrylic to seal and protect the freshly painted wood surfaces.

Adding Details that Pop

I got lucky and found a perfect teal and yellow cat caddy to sit in front of our large ‘emergency exit’ window.

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