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How to Make Camper Skirting Out of Foam Board Insulation

If you’re looking for the cheapest and easiest way to skirt your trailer or motorhome yourself, especially if you plan to stay in one place for a while, I would definitely recommend considering foam board as an option.

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Pros and Cons Using Foam Board to Skirt an RV

Pros:  1. The cost 2. The durability 3. Protection from cold

1. Not environmentally friendly. 2. It doesn’t allow you to move.


Materials We Used for Skirting Our Fifth Wheel with Foam Board

1. Thick foam board insulation. 2. Foil HVAC tape. 3. White duct tape. 4. Tent stakes. 5. A permanent marker 6. A tape measure

Measuring & Cutting

The first step is to measure your camper. This will depend not only on the length of your camper, but also how high your camper sits off the ground

Next we scored the foam board with a knife, then folded the foam board along the cut and ran the knife down the crease on the back side to cut it all the way through.

After we had cut several pieces, we put them where they were going to be used so we could see what we still needed to cut.

Placing the Pieces

Here I am attaching the first piece of foam board insulation.  Note that if you’re using a type of foam board that has a silver reflective material on one side, the silver side goes INSIDE, facing underneath your camper.

This side of our camper was sitting in gravel, so following a tip from one of our neighbors, I dug out a trench (using the claw side of a hammer) for the skirting to sit in….

…then I packed the gravel up against the skirting on both sides (I packed it on the back first) to help hold it in place.

After the skirting was placed where I wanted it, taped it to the camper using the foil HVAC tape

In this spot, a 2-foot piece of foam board ended up being the perfect height, coming just under the edge of our camper.

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