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10 Personalized Gifts for RV Owners from Etsy

When shopping for a present that will carry personal meaning for an RV owner in your life, Etsy is a great place to find customizable gifts with a handmade touch.

Green Cup

1. Carved Wooden Family Name Sign A wooden sign to hang on the door or in the front window like the one pictured below can help a camper or motorhome feel like home.

2. Push Pin Travel Map This travel map is not only a fun way for RVers to keep track of where they’ve visited, it also looks great hanging on the wall.

3. Camper Keychain A personalized keychain like this one doesn’t take up much space in a crowded camper but can be a thoughtful everyday reminder that you care.

4. Instant Pot Dust Cover An Instant Pot is such a popular camper kitchen accessory that the person you’re shopping for may already have one. it may help to keep clean on dusty roads and keep the tiny kitchen from looking too cluttered.

5. LED Bucket Campsite Light A color-changing LED light bucket with the family’s name can be a gift by itself, or a cute (and useful!) container for other gifts!

6. Unbreakable Multi-use Cup Many RVers are looking for ways to save space their camper kitchen, and an insulated, stainless steel tumbler like this one can save space in the cabinet because it’s a travel coffee mug, drinking glass, and unbreakable stemless wine glass all-in-one.

7. Travel Quote Throw Pillow Covers Throw pillow covers make a neat gift because they don’t take up much extra space (they can be stored inside the pillow when not in use) but can give a camper a homey touch

8. Hand Painted Christmas Ornament For a truly special gift, how about a Christmas ornament painted with an image of your loved one’s actual RV?

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