Easy Way to Add a Shelf to an RV Cabinet – No Tools Required!


Add a Shelf to an RV Cabinet

I wish I had known about this idea before I spent money on extra wire shelves when organizing kitchen pantry cabinets, because this would have been cheaper and sturdier!

Step 1

After measuring my cabinets, the first thing I did was make a trip to Lowe's to buy lumber for the shelf and have it cut.

Step 2

Make sure when measuring that you take into account all the strips of wood inside the cabinet that can make the length of shelf need to be shorter than the actual width of the cabinet.

Step 3

I use acrylic mounting tape for all kinds of projects in my RV because it is super strong yet amazingly easy to remove and has never damaged any of my walls.

Step 4

I just folded some of the mounting tape and used it to add a few extra millimeters of height, which worked perfectly.

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