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Ideas for Adding a Dog Crate or Kennel to an RV

Since making room for a large dog crate in an RV can be difficult, these RV owners came up with creative solutions to create kennels for their canine travel buddies built into in their campers.

Green Cup

Under the Dining Booth

The owners of this motorhome rebuilt their booth dinette benches to turn the space underneath into a place their dogs could safely travel.

A reader named Judy Acker shared these photos with me of a daybed she built for her RV that has space for dog crates underneath with a curtain to conceal them.

Under the Sofa

The people who own this fifth wheel RV just needed a place for their dog to sleep not on their bed, so they cut a hole into the side of their bed’s platform and added a dog bed.

Under the Bed

Some RV owners whose campers or motorhomes have bunks that aren’t being used by humans have turned that space into a place to set a dog crate.

Bunks Used as a Dog Kennel

If you don’t have a good place for a built-in dog kennel one solution might be to buy or build a dog crate that doubles as furniture.

Dog Crates That Double As Furniture

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