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DIY Sofa Inspiration for Your RV

If you’re looking for an inexpensive  yet attractive and functional way to add seating to your camper or  motorhome, an alternative to buying a sleeper sofa or daybed is to build  one yourself.

Green Cup

1. Sleeper sofa with drawers

RV remodeling experts Jon and Brooke Seaman removed the dinette in an RV they renovated for a client and built this sofa bed to replace it.

To create this sofa in their beautifully remodeled motorhome, the owners  built a wood base and laid a sheet of plywood over the top (with holes  cut for the already existing seatbelts).

2. Built-in sofa

3. Daybed with Drawers

I really like sleeper sofas that also have extra storage.  This one was  custom built by the owners of this gorgeous travel trailer, but if  you’re the type that would rather buy than DIY,

4. Wooden Pull-Out Sofa Bed

This wood sofa bed takes up very little space yet can be pulled out to make a bed big enough for two people to sleep comfortably

5. Couch with Hidden Storage I like it because in addition to looking great, it has storage under the  seat AND in the back, as well as a cute basket hanging on the end.

6. Daybed with Storage One of my favorite features of their design is the stained oak trim around the arm of the sofa

7. Bench with Storage This lovely window seat provides a nice place to relax as well as extra sleeping space for visitors

8. Couch with Built-in Wine Glass Holder The wooden arm of this sofa built by RV owner John Crowhurst has a wine glass holder

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