DIY Mirror Closet Makeover Idea: How to Turn Sliding Doors into Japanese Shoji Screens

DIY Mirror Closet Makeover Idea

This project is very easy to undo with no damage to the closet doors if you decide you don't like the look or don't want to make any permanent changes in your motorhome.

– Adhesive vinyl rice paper window film – Wood veneer edging – Wood stain – Tape measure – Utility knife – Scissors – An iron – A cooking spatula

Materials Needed:

How I did it:

The first step was to measure to find out how much window film and veneer edging was needed, which depends on the design.

Step 1

Step 2

The window film I bought had a very helpful grid and number measurements marked on the back to make cutting easier.  Time to cut out the pieces.

Step 3

To apply the window film, I peeled the backing away from one corner and carefully positioned that corner so that it would be lined up properly, then I stuck it down as I slowly peeled off.

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