How Much Does it Cost to Live in an RV?

One of the biggest questions many aspiring and wannabe full-time RVers have is, “How much does full-time RVing cost?” The answer is that the cost of full-time RVing varies…a lot! Many people assume that living in an RV would save money, but this isn’t always the case. Factors that can influence the cost of living in an RV and whether it will save you money include: – The type of RV you purchase – The condition of your RV – Whether you finance your RV or pay cash for it – How frequently you move from place to place – Where you live or travel in your RV – Your lifestyle and how much you spend on things like sightseeing and meals out

By reading about what others spend, you can compare your spending habits to create a realistic budget. Below you’ll find 10 monthly expense reports from RVers, ranging from extremely frugal to far more expensive.

Heath & Alyssa

Monthly Cost: around $2,500 Heath & Alyssa started full-time RVing with a one-year, fifty-state honeymoon in their renovated RV. They ended up full-timing for six years and adding a baby girl to the mix as they traveled.

2. The Simple Venture

Monthly Cost: around $1,200 Luke and Laura run The Simple Venture, a travel blog and marketing service related to the RVing lifestyle. This couple travel in a 32 ft 1994 Four Winds motorhome with their 3 dogs.

3. Mortons On The Move

Monthly Cost: around $2,800 Mortons on the Move is the travel blog and YouTube channel of full-time RVers Tom and Cait Morton. The Mortons travel in a 2005 DRV fifth wheel. Tom and Cait are frugal travelers who preferred to live a frugal lifestyle even before becoming RVers.

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