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Features to Look for in a Four-Season RV

Are you wanting to buy an RV you can use in cold weather?  If so, you’ll want to make sure the camper you choose can withstand freezing temperatures or else you may find yourself dealing with frozen pipes.

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Can you use a regular camper in cold weather?

Some RV owners buy a cheap camper planning to live in it in a cold climate, figuring they’ll just skirt the RV and run electric space heaters and everything will be fine

1. Frozen pipes and water lines 2. Heat loss through the walls, ceiling, and floor 3. Condensation, mold, and mildew 4. Heating cost

Here are some of the issues that can arise when RVing in freezing weather

What’s the difference between “All Season”, “Four Season”, “Arctic Package” and “Polar Package”? Now that you know why cold weather features are so important, you may be wondering what kind of RV you need to buy in order to know you’re going to have better insulation and protection against freezing pipes.

Features to look for when evaluating an RV’s cold weather readiness

1) Features that protect the RV’s plumbing system 1. Enclosed underbelly 2. Water hose connection point and/or dump valves for emptying holding tanks located in an enclosed, heated area 3. Area where water heater and water lines are located is heated

2) Other features that help RV’s withstand cold weather 1. 30k+ BTU propane furnace 2. An electric “fireplace” as supplemental heat 3. Attic vents to reduce humidity and prevent condensation 4. Cold weather protection for refrigerator

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