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How We Made $200 DIY Vinyl RV Skirting for Winter

RV Skirting Options 1. Custom RV skirting 2. An inflatable 3. EZ Snap RV skirting 4. DIY skirting      i) Plywood or particle board      ii) Foam board insulation     iii) Plastic     iv) Vinyl

Green Cup

What type of vinyl is good for RV skirting?

I chose to use 11 mil billboard tarp vinyl (these are actually recycled billboards!) after realizing this was the same type of vinyl used by many custom RV skirting companies.

Supply List: 1. Vinyl tarp material 2. Brass tarp grommets & grommet tool. 3. Steel tent stakes 4. Clear adhesive hooks. 5. garment bag 6. Duct tape

How We Made Our Vinyl RV Skirting

Determining how much vinyl to order

To figure out how much vinyl to buy, I measured the total distance around the RV (including slides and gooseneck) as well as the height from the ground to the top of where the skirting would need to com

The Installation Process

The black side is the back; the other side of this piece had a Cracker Barrel billboard printed on it.

Last year we originally tried hanging our skirting with heavy duty suction cups, but even with following all of the instructions for using them they wouldn’t stay stuck.  I was very glad to find the adhesive hooks we ended up using.

We folded the top of the vinyl over about four inches to make it sturdier and make it look neater.

we taped the skirting in place temporarily and marked the places where we needed holes, then we took it down and used a hammer to punch the holes using the small inexpensive tool that came with the grommets we purchased last year.

After we got the skirting hung along the top, we went around the bottom punching holes and pounding in tent stakes.

We cut and folded the skirting to go around vents and other things we didn’t want to cover.

For the seams between pieces, this year we just overlapped them by several feet. Overlapping it seems to work fine since it is fastened at the top and bottom.

Going around the stairs was kind of tricky.  I ended up taking the vinyl across the front underneath them, and then added a second piece to line the area behind the steps, hung from adhesive hooks from the steel frame.

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