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Tips for Retaining Resale Value When Renovating an RV

Many RV owners are interested in remodeling their rig but worried about making changes that could lower the value should they ever decide to sell.

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Stay modern, contemporary and neutral

The most important thing to remember is this: keep everything modern with a contemporary design. This means you must resist the temptation to put your personal flare on everything.

The more people that can spend the night in your RV, the better for resale value. For example, you could replace standard chairs into bench seats that convert into a bed.

Coaches that sleep-the-most, sell-the-most

Every inch of your RV must serve a useful purpose. For example, do not remove an easy chair and render the space useless, otherwise known as “dead” in the industry.

Stray from creating “dead spaces”

The main upgrades to consider for resale value include: replacing the carpet and updating the TV and other appliances.

Incorporate modern updates and replacements

Here are some interesting DIY projects to consider: 1. Restore Corian countertops 2. Clean the carpet 3. Cabinets

DIY Upgrades

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