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RV Sofa Bed Replacement Ideas (With Pictures)

Are you looking to replace a worn out or uncomfortable sofa in your RV? Or maybe to remove the dining booth or jackknife sofa in order to reconfigure the space in your camper or motorhome?

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Option 1: Buy replacement RV furniture

One way to update worn out or ugly furniture is to buy furniture that’s specifically built for RVs, such as the RecPro brand jackknife sofa or sleeper sofa.

Keep in mind that this furniture may need to be secured in some way so that it doesn’t slide around during travel.

Option 2: Replace your RV furniture with residential furniture

Couches, Futons, & Sleeper Sofas

it comes with a memory foam mattress instead of the typical hide-a-bed mattress that I’m sure most of us remember from our childhoods.

Beds & Daybeds

Shannon McDonald replaced her sofa with this trundle daybed, then used the stand from her original dinette table with a new top and two smaller storage benches as seating.

RV Owner Brandy Tidwell found that this futon slipcover fit her jackknife sofa and she doesn’t have to remove it in order to use the couch as a bed.

Option 3: Modify your existing RV furniture

If you’re the handy type one way to cheaply add new furniture to your RV is to build it yourself, which is what the owners of these next RVs did.

Option 4: Build your own DIY sofa bed

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