Best RV Tankless Water Heater Options (+ Installation Tips!)

Having limited hot water is one of the biggest complaints about traveling and living in an RV. Most larger standard RV water heaters barely even hold enough water for just one person to enjoy a full-length hot shower. But don’t we all want to relax and refresh with a hot shower after a day of outdoor adventuring? Well, these days, you can have unlimited, on-demand hot water with an RV tankless water heater!

What Is An RV Tankless Water Heater?

Standard water heaters are  water storage tanks that use excessive energy to keep the water inside at a specific temperature. RV tankless water heaters use instantaneous heat exchange technology and work on a relatively simple and efficient principle.

Why Would You Want To Switch To a Tankless RV Water Heater?

– They are efficient —no energy is wasted heating water in a holding tank. – Unlimited hot water – Smaller footprint and weight. – Less maintenance is involved. 

Can I DIY Install A Tankless Hot Water Heater In My RV?

Yes! Many RV tankless water heater manufacturers design them to easily retrofit standard RV water heater compartments and match connection locations.

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