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RV Owners Who Replaced Their Dining Booths

Replacing the dining booth with a traditional table and chairs makes a camper or motorhome feel less like a vehicle and more like a house.

Green Cup

Replacing the Dinette with a Couch

Remove and replace dining booth with a custom-built sofa that adds additional seating as well as an extra bed. 

The owners used two Walmart bookshelves bolted together to create a custom eating space. After painting the shelves covering the top with wood grain contact paper.

Removing the Dinette to Add Storage

By removing the table and reconfiguring the benches, this dining area became a living area that can still be used for eating with a stowaway table.

Removing the Dinette to Free Up Additional Space

This retractable desk and storage unit was custom built by Amish furniture maker Focal Wood Products for RV owners John and Kathy Huggins.

Replacing the Dining Booth with a Retractable Table

The process of turning her RV into a Tiny Home, this RV owner removed her dining booth and replaced it with a baker’s rack to use as a coffee station. 

Trading the Dining Area for a Coffee Station

Removing their dining booth, this RV couple designed and built a bar that folds out to convert to a bed.  The bedding and folding bar stools all fit inside during travel.

Custom Built Murphy Bed/Bar

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