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RV Bathroom Storage & Organization Ideas and Accessories

These storage caddies and organizational gadgets and accessories can help you stay organized no matter the size of your camper or motorhome’s interior.

Green Cup

On the wall

Any time an RV owner mentions that he or she hung something on the wall, someone wants to know how it was hung. 

There are quite a few adhesive products on the market for storing and organizing, such as this cute wall organizer that comes in several colors.

Once you’ve figured out how you plan to hang things on your walls Baskets are a good way to add extra storage to your walls, like these RV owners did.

This RV owner may very well be the queen of bathroom organization! Mason jars can also make for attractive and functional wall storage. 

Many items in a bathroom need to be within easy reach of the sink.  Here are some ways to maximize the space in that area.

Adding Storage to the Bathroom Vanity

These RV owners were constantly having things fall into the space between the sink and shower so they added an extension to the countertop adds extra space to set things. 

You can free up space on the counter by mounting a soap dish to the wall.  (Okay, I’ll be honest–I just really love this soap dish.

These wooden drawers could be mounted to the bottom of a cabinet for storing smaller items.

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