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10 Beautiful (and Cheap!) DIY RV Backsplash Ideas

If you want to give the kitchen or bathroom in your RV, apartment, or home a facelift but don’t want to rent a tile saw and are looking for something a little different then one of these backsplashes may be perfect for you.

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This list is specifically comprised of backsplash ideas that meet most or all of following criteria: 1. Easy to do 2. Affordable 3. Easy to clean 4. RV-friendly

1. Painted backsplash

High gloss or semi-gloss paint wipes clean easily, and it could be covered with plexiglass to make it even more wipeable as long as it’s not right next to a gas flame (plexiglass melts at 320° F).

2. Wallpaper

If you are avoiding making any permanent changes to your RV, you could try creating your own removable wallpaper.

3. Fabric + plexiglass

Another removable option is fabric, which can be attached to the wall using double-sided tape and covered with plexiglass or adhered directly to plexiglass. This backsplash probably should not be used directly next to a gas flame.

4. Colored plexiglass

Plexiglass can be purchased in a variety of colors, or the back of clear plexiglass can be spray painted the color of your choice.  After cutting it to fit the space, it can be installed using silicone adhesive (permanent).

5. Faux subway tile

If you love the look of subway tile but want an easier alternative to having to cut and grout tile, you might consider a peel-and-stick faux subway tile like a friend of mine used in her RV renovation.

6. Ceiling Tiles

Punched tin ceiling tiles are beautiful and easy to hang, but the price can add up.

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