Beautiful (and Cheap!) DIY RV Backsplash Ideas

DIY RV Backsplash Ideas

If you want to give the kitchen or bathroom in your RV, apartment, or home a facelift, one of these backsplashes may be perfect for you.

1. Painted backsplash

High gloss or semi-gloss paint wipes clean easily, and it could be covered with plexiglass to make it even more wipeable as long as it's not right next to a gas flame.

2. Wallpaper

If you are avoiding making any permanent changes to your RV, you could try creating your own removable wallpaper.

3. Fabric + plexiglass

Another removable option is fabric, which can be attached to the wall using double-sided tape and covered with plexiglass or adhered directly to plexiglass.

4. Colored plexiglass

Plexiglass can be purchased in a variety of colors, or the back of clear plexiglass can be spray painted the color of your choice.

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