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25+ Adhesive Gadgets to Help You Organize Your RV Without Drilling Holes in the Walls

If you are looking for ways to organize and add storage to your camper or motorhome but don’t want to drill any holes in the walls or wood, one of these adhesive items might be the perfect accessory for your RV kitchen or bathroom.

Green Cup

Toilet Paper Holder

One reviewer said they successfully used Command strips to install this so that it would be removable.

Toilet Brush Holder

Anything you can get off the floor of your RV means less to pack up for travel.  This toilet brush and holder set sticks on the wall next to the toilet where it is conveniently handy for using.

Soap Dish

This soap dish, from the Command company, is installed with Command strips, so it’s supposed to be removable.  There are a few other style options on the product page as well.

Paper Towel Holder

Comes in black or white; can be installed vertically or horizontally.

Magnetic Phone or Tablet Mount

Okay, so this is actually supposed to go on the dashboard of a car to hold your phones. But it occurred to me the other night that I could also stick one to the wall next to my bed as a place for my phone while I’m sleeping.

Banana Hook

When I first saw this thing, I thought, no way that would ever hold!  But it sure has a lot of five star reviews!  It comes in black, white, chrome, green, or yellow.

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