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Converting RV Bunk Beds to a Closet

The camper’s bunk beds weren’t being used, so Carly decided removing her RV bunk beds and converting to storage was a better option.

Green Cup

1. Removing the RV Bunk Beds

To turn the space for my bunk beds into a closet, first, I had a “demo” day and tore down each piece of the bunk bed.

2. Preparing to Build the Closet

Once the space was cleared, I painted all the interior walls of my RV white. Then, I measured the exact dimensions for the closet.

3. How I Made the DIY RV Closet Doors

To make the doors I used white beadboard paneling for the outside of the door and pegboard on the inside of the door to have extra storage to hang items.

4. How I Made Extra Space in the Closet

At the bottom of the closet I made drawers to create extra space for shirts and shorts. I used extra scraps of beadboard and wood studs to create a frame for the drawers.

5. RV Closet Pegboard Organization

To finalize the project I mounted a mirror on the inside of one door with Command Strips. To mount other items like headbands, nail clippers, bags, etc.

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