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12 RV’s with Custom-Built Bunk Beds Added

Bunk Beds Built in a Slide-Out One ideal place to add bunk beds to an RV is inside a slide-out.   Usually the furniture in a slide is fairly easy to remove, even if it’s  built in, and the space left behind us often the perfect size for a bed

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RV Closets Converted to Bunks Several RV owners have added bunks to a Class A by converting a hallway wardrobe to a mid bunk space.

Bunk Beds Added to Toy Hauler Garages The Ticknor Family has been traveling around the U.S. in an RV for  years now.  Not too uncommon these days, except for the fact that they  have 12 kids, 8 of which live with their parents in the RV!

Master Bedrooms Converted to a Bunk Room Many toy hauler owners take a different approach, turning the garage  area into a beautiful and spa) and converting the original master bedroom into a bunk room, as seen in these next photos.

The bunk beds shown below, which  sleep four people and providing storage as well, showcase the  craftsmanship of RV husband and wife DIY team Sarah and Dan of Joinery & Design Co.

Bunk Bed Cribs The RV shown below has two actual bedrooms. The family who owns it removed the furniture from one of the  bedrooms and built this custom bed for their two small children instead

Another family added bunk beds to their own bedroom after moving the parents’ bed to a different location in the room.

When RV owners Kristin and Jarett of @TheTouringCamper gutted and renovated their 1976 Silver Streak “Tilley”, they completely  rebuilt the mid bunk area, adding an extra bed and additional storage

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