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My Favorite RV Hack: A No-Damage Adhesive for Hanging Things on Walls

I talk about my favorite DIY helper, acrylic mounting tape. First, what it is: it’s a clear, double-sided tape that is extremely sturdy yet can be removed easily and won’t damage walls.

Green Cup

It’s thicker than normal tape, and it’s a stretchy material, kind of like the stuff used to stick a new credit card to a piece of paper for mailing.  Its texture gives it some flexibility and helps it grab onto a surface.

First, here’s a photo I hung on the wall with it.  This is a 5″x7″ frame.

Here is a ceramic planter I hung on a curved wall, and I used a tiny piece of the clear tape at the bottom and on the back of the planter to keep it from rattling on the wall every time my washing machine hit the spin cycle.

I used acrylic tape to wrap around the pole in order to make it wide enough to fit the hole in the shelf.

Another really successful project was making permanent plexiglass storm windows to cover the parts of my RV windows that don’t open.

Here’s another window project that’s kind of silly but illustrates the ability of the tape to hold in any weather.  We let our cat go outside by climbing out this window and down this board, and I wanted to cover the window with plastic for winter.

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