9 Ideas for Painting RV Walls and Cabinets


 Ideas for Painting

Here are some things to consider before beginning an interior painting project in your RV to help make sure you get a result you are happy with.

Just because a certain product worked for one person doesn't mean it's necessary or even right for your project.

1. Don't compare apples to oranges.

2. Choose the right paint for the surface.

The most important consideration when choosing paint and/or primer is what type of surface you are painting. Talk to a paint expert to determine what you need for your situation.

3. Read all labels and instructions.

Carefully read the label of any primer, paint, or preparation product you plan to use, both before purchasing and again before using, and make sure you follow the instructions.

It might be worth investing a little more in tools that make this stage of the project easier.

4. Don't skimp on the prep work.

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