5 RV Pantry Cabinet Challenges & Solutions


RV Challenges & Solutions

These brilliant RV owners came up with clever solutions for the RV Pantry Cabinet problems, so you can borrow their ideas to organize your camper or motorhome!

One of the most common problems with RV pantry cabinets is that they're so deep it's difficult to reach things toward the back, especially on the upper cabinets.

Problem #1: Cabinet too deep


An excellent solution to this problem is the Rev-a-shelf cabinet system of pull-out wire racks, which is what RV owner Debra Jones used in her RV pantry.

Problem #2: Cabinet too narrow

My favorite solution to the narrow cabinet problem is this beautiful pull-out shelf made custom by RV owner Karen Finch's son-in-law.

The solution is removing the original cabinet shelves and replacing them with something different altogether, these RV owners were able to really organize the space.

Problem #3: Pantry too messy

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