25 Folding and Collapsible Items for Your RV


Collapsible Kitchen Items

If you don't have a lot of extra space in your RV, here's a collection of 25 nifty folding and collapsible items for your RV.

Not only does this set of collapsible bakeware flatten to save space in a drawer or cupboard and the muffin pan included with the set are all small enough to fit in RV ovens.

1. Collapsible Bakeware

2. Combination Dish Pan and Cutting Board

This collapsible dish pan and cutting board combo would be so handy if you prefer to do cooking outside next to the grill or campfire.

3. Step Stool

This one is essential if you're short and have a fifth wheel with really high upper cabinets.

This collapsible popcorn maker bowl lets you make popcorn in the microwave…you know, like microwave popcorn, but you can control the amount of fat and sodium!

4. Popcorn Maker Bowl

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