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Save Space in Your RV Kitchen With a Mason Jar

Every inch counts in a camper or motorhome kitchen.  These handy canning jar accessories are small enough to fit in a drawer, and can eliminate the need for the bigger items they’re replacing.

Green Cup

1. Your coffee pot

A mesh pour-over cone can be used to brew coffee directly into a Mason jar, which easily doubles as a coffee mug. No filters required.

2. Cups & Glassware

Take your drinking glasses to go with sip-and-straw lids, which can be used with a straw for smoothies and iced beverages, or sipped for hot beverages.

3. A blender bottle

Use a pouring spout lid and blender ball to mix protein shakes or salad dressings.  The lid of a can of dry Coffee-Mate creamer will fit as well.

4. Your blender

You may already know that a regular mouth canning jar can be screwed onto a traditional blender base.  Now you can get an extra small blender base that’s made to be used with Mason jars and doesn’t take up as much room on the counter.

5. A citrus juicer

The best part about this juicer lid is that the juice can be stored in the jar after juicing, resulting in fewer dishes to clean.

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