15+ Clothes Storage & Closet Organization Tips


RV Organization Tips 

Here are some RV organization tips for different styles of closets to help maximize interior storage space.

One way I save space in our closet is by using these cascading hangers for blouses, which allows them to take up much less horizontal space.

How I organize clothes and save closet space in my RV

Saving Space in Drawers

If your RV has drawers for clothing storage, one way to make better use of the space is to add dividers which allow the drawers to be filled to the top without becoming too messy.

Clothing storage and organization ideas from other RVers

Plastic drawers can be used to organize the floor space underneath hanging clothes.

The wire drawers used in this RV closet were purchased at Ikea.  Don't live near an Ikea?  The Home Depot carries something similar, but unfortunately they cost quite a bit more.

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