12 Painting Mistakes Made by RV Owners (and How to Avoid Them)


How to Avoid Painting Mistakes

In this story, I share some painting problems encountered by other RV owners so you can hopefully avoid these frustrating experiences when painting inside your own RV.

1. Inadequate surface prep

To avoid this problem when painting RV cabinets or walls, you need to make sure the surface your painting has a texture the paint can “grab on” to.

2. Using paint or primer that's wrong for the surface

You can find lots of great information online that can help you determine the best paint for RV cabinets, as well as which primers and prep methods are best.

3. Not reading the instructions for the products being used

Lesson learned: while blogs and Facebook can be a great resource for gathering information, it's no replacement for reading and following the product's instructions!

4. Using cheap paint brushes

You can get a value pack of several paint brushes for about the same price as one quality paint brush, but using a cheaper brush can result in brush bristles falling out.

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