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13 Ideas for Adding a Dog Crate or Kennel to an RV


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Since making room for a large dog crate in an RV can be difficult, these RV owners came up with creative solutions to create DIY built-in dog kennels!

Scroll down to see examples and ideas for adding a dog create to an RV.

Custom RV Modifications to Add a Dog Crate

I’ll start by showing some ways people have modified their RVs to add a dog kennel.

1. RV Cabinet Removed to Make Space for a Dog Crate

First up is this cabinet, which was removed to make a place to set a dog crate which happened to be the same size as the space created.

Cabinet in camper before removal
by Tami Bellingham

The owner says she saved the panel and cabinet door so that she can put it back if she ever decides to sell her camper to someone who wants the cabinet.

Cabinet in camper removed to make space for dog crate
By Tami Bellingham

She kept the top of the cabinet installed as a small table, keeping the space functional.

2. Dining Booth Removed to Make Space for Dog Kennel

This next camper has a dog cage custom-built into the area where the dining booth was removed.

Custom dog kennel added to camper
By Katie Callaway via

The owner shared this photo with me a long time ago, and unfortunately, I don’t have more information about how it was built.

Converting a Dinette Bench Into a Dog Crate

This is one of the most popular ways to build dog crates since most dinette benches are designed for storage.

3. The double-sided dinette crates

The owners of this motorhome rebuilt their booth dinette benches to turn the space underneath into a place their dogs could safely travel. You can see more photos and read about how they did it and the materials they used on their blog.

4. The U-Shaped Dinette

Here’s another style of RV dining booth converted to a dog kennel.

Custom dog kennel added under dinette
By Kevin and Mandy of 188sqft

The owners of this toy hauler removed the original U-shaped dinette and rebuilt a custom booth that includes the dog kennel as well as a cat door leading to a storage area underneath the RV where their litter box is stored.

For cat lovers: 7 Ideas for storing a litter box in an RV

5. One bench, Two kennels

Not only did the owners of this RV turn one of the dinette benches into a dog kennel, but they also replaced the other bench with two chairs to create more space in their RV.

Photo Credit: Kirsten Pilot

6. Adding a Dog Crate Under the Sofa

A reader named Judy Acker shared these photos with me of her DIY RV sofa, a daybed she built for her RV that has space for dog crates underneath with a curtain to conceal them.  Such a clever use of space!

DIY daybed in an RV with dog crates underneath
by Judy Acker

Converting the Space Under an RV Bed Into a Dog Bed

Like RV dining booths, RV beds often offer plenty of storage! These owners got creative.

7. The cozy dog bed

The people who own this fifth-wheel RV just needed a cozy place for their smaller dog to sleep that was close by but not on their bed. They cut a hole into the side of their bed’s platform and added a dog bed in the storage area underneath.

Dog door added under bed in fifth wheel RV
By David and Vicky Jent

8. The extra cabinet and dog kennel build

This RV owner didn’t just create a dog kennel under his bed. He took the time to add a giant drawer to keep his storage space under the bed.

9. Double Dog Beds

Here’s another RV bed customization project perfect for owners with two pups! You can see more photos of this one and read about how it was built here.

Dog kennel built under RV bed
By Brian and Donna Mibus via

Bunks Used as a Dog Kennel

Some RV owners whose campers or motorhomes have bunks that aren’t being used by humans have turned that space into a place to set up a dog crate.

10. An inexpensive DIY option

by Danielle Speights

The owner of this RV eliminated the need for a crate by installing a door made from lattice. (A stronger material and a larger latch could be used for larger, stronger dogs who might damage a lattice gate.)

by Danielle Speights

11. The “keep the house clean” double entry

The owners of this next RV converted the space beneath the bottom bunk in their RV into a dog cage which can be accessed from both inside and outside the RV.

By Philip via Pineapple Voyage

You can see more photos and read about how the project was done in this blog post.

Dog Crates That Double As Furniture

If you don’t have a good place for a built-in dog kennel but don’t have space for a free-standing crate either, one solution might be to buy or build a dog crate that doubles as furniture.

12. Dining with the Dogs

One resourceful RV owner turned her dining table into a dog crate by dismantling a baby gate and attaching it to the legs of the table using zip ties. For the front and back, she used sides of a dog crate she took apart. She says it’s very sturdy!

Dog crate made by adding fencing to table
By Linda Purser

A handmade curtain that opens at the same place as the door is attached with Velcro so the table looks less like a dog bed when not in use.

Dog crate table with fabric cover
By Linda Purser

13. Amazon has everything.

Amazon has some beautiful dog crate side tables!

IchbinGo Wooden Dog Crate Table Furniture, 38.5" Dog Kennel with 3 Doors, Flip-up Top Opening and Wheels, Decorative Pet Crate Dog House for Large/Medium/Small Dog Indoor Use (Rustic Brown)
  • [Multi-Purpose Use] Now your pet can rest in a safe, comfortable and functional dog crate furniture that doubles as a casual chic bookcase, media console or accent table. It will complement any home decor, providing a combination of furniture and function for your furry friend while saving precious space.

You can also make your own by creating a wooden top for a regular dog crate.

Living room furniture in fifth wheel reconfigured to make room for dog crate
By Becky Stillions

Do you have a photo of how you’ve added a dog kennel to your RV?  If so, feel free to add it to the comments!

If you’re looking for other ideas for RVing with pets, check out my RVing with Pets Resource Page!

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  1. Love these ideas we are currently trying to figure out how to make these types of adjustments to our RV but we have 10 dogs that travel with us but only 9 have to be crated lol

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