15 RVs with Custom-Built Bunk Beds Added

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RVs with bunk beds are the go-to for family camping. But you don’t necessarily have to buy a bunkhouse model RV in order to have plenty of sleeping space for everyone in your camper. 

Adding bunks to yours is an option as well.  Scroll down to be inspired by photos of motorhomes, fifth wheels, and travel trailers with bunk beds built in them by their owners.

Bunk Beds Built in a Slide-Out

One ideal place to add bunk beds to an RV is inside a slide-out. 

Usually the furniture in a slide is fairly easy to remove, even if it’s built-in. And the space left behind is often the perfect size for a bed, whether you buy one and anchor it to the RV, or you build one, like the ones shown below.

This DIY RV bunk bed built by @NotAllAreLost includes panels that add privacy, conceal a child’s personal belongings (or perhaps an unmade bed!) and prevent kids from rolling out of bed while sleeping.

Adding bunk beds to RV slide

I love the tiny windows and the adorable little shelves!

This next RV, @Humbills.HomeOnWheels, actually already had a top bunk over a futon, but converting the futon to a bed each night wasn’t convenient, and leaving it as a bed took up space. So the RV owners decided to remove the futon and build their own bunks. 

Bunk Beds Built in an RV Slide

Later they got even more creative and turned the bunks into an adorable playhouse, which you can see here.

One more example of DIY bunks added to a slideout is in this fifth wheel renovated by @UncommonFarmer. These bunks were built in a longer slide and replaced one of the two couches in this RV.

RV Closets Modified to Add Bunks

Several RV owners have added bunks to a Class A by converting a hallway wardrobe to a mid-bunk space, like RV owners Aaron and Mandy Wilson did in their motorhome, shown below.

Adding bunk beds to a Class A
(Click to enlarge)

You can read about and see step-by-step photos of how a similar project was done in this article

Toy Hauler Garage Bunkhouse Modification

The Ticknor Family of Our Traveling Tribe has been traveling around the U.S. in an RV for years now.  Not too uncommon these days, except for the fact that they have 12 kids, 8 of which live with their parents in the RV!

Below is a picture of their boys’ bedroom, which is their toy hauler’s garage with custom-built bunk beds added.

Adding bunk beds to a toy hauler RV garage

Master Bedrooms Converted to a Bunk Room

Many toy hauler owners take a different approach, turning the garage area into a beautiful and spacious master bedroom and converting the original master bedroom into a bunk room.

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In this photo from WhereWildOnesRoam, you can see how much floor space as well as storage space was created after the original bed was removed and bunk beds were added.  You can see more photos of this RV on Instagram at @WhereWildOnesRoam.

RV bedroom converted to bunk room

The bunk beds in the bedroom shown below were built in what used to be the master bedroom closet. 

Bunk beds built in an RV closet

Here’s another example of a master bedroom where the RV closet was converted to bunks. This RV was renovated by professional RV renovators Chris and Tiernee of Wayland Ventures. You can see more photos of this RV here.

RV renovated by @wayland_ventures
Bunks added to RV bedroom in an RV renovated by RV renovation company Wayland Ventures

The bunk beds shown below, which sleep four people and provide storage as well, showcase the craftsmanship of RV husband and wife DIY team Sarah and Dan of Joinery & Design Co.

Converting RV master bedroom to bunk room
(Click to enlarge)

The master bedroom was converted into a fun kids’ room pictured below.  Kate and Jason sleep in their camper’s living room on a sectional sofa that converts to a bed.

Bunk Bed Cribs

The RV shown below has two actual bedrooms (it’s a Palomino Sabre 32FBDS). The family who owns it removed the furniture from one of the bedrooms and built this custom bed for their two children instead. You can see more photos on their Instagram page.

Another family added bunk beds to their own bedroom. Their baby sleeps on the top bunk, with a safety net covering the opening after she is placed in her bed (as the parents demonstrate in this video).

Baby and toddler beds added to RV master bedroom

More Campers with Bunk Beds Added

Extra sleeping space can be added to smaller campers, too.  The photo below shows how RVers Meg and Brad added bunks to their 1975 Airstream Argosy, which they’ve named “Betty”.  You can follow the adventures of this couple, their daughter, and their puppy Norman on Instagram at @Norm_Betty_Adventures.

When RV owners Kristin and Jarett of @TheTouringCamper gutted and renovated their 1976 Silver Streak “Tilley”, they completely rebuilt the mid bunk area. They added an extra bed and additional storage. You can read about and see photos of the construction process in this article on their website.

Renovated bunk room in vintage trailer

The rear of this fifth wheel RV provided the perfect place to build custom bunk beds. After removing some seating, but keeping one couch, the living room becomes a second bedroom. Curtains can be drawn across the beds for privacy and to block out light. 

Bunk beds built in a fifth wheel RV

If you are considering buying an RV but need sleeping space, adding extra bunks is a great way to create the perfect RV for your family. Hopefully I’ve given you some inspiration for how you to add bunks to any RV!

Note: When making modifications to an RV, check the camper’s max weight rating. Do not exceed this number or drastically alter the weight distribution.  If you have an RV warranty, making substantial changes may void it. You should consult with your warranty provider before doing anything permanent.  People who undertake these projects trust their own judgment and accept all associated risks.

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