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    Create Space from Thin Air Ebook


    This 36-page e-book contains over 75+ color photos and over 60 ideas for storing and organizing!

    In the book you’ll also find:

    • Ideas for adapting solutions to fit your needs
    • Ways to make use of vertical space for storage
    • Tips for finding and utilizing empty space
    • Ideas for modifying furniture and built-in spaces to add extra storage
    • Step-by-step action plan to help you discover the best storage solutions for your space

    The book is in PDF format and will be emailed to you for you to download and read on your preferred device (computer, tablet, smartphone, or e-reader). Or, you can print it out and read it on paper if you prefer!

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    Farmhouse Inspirations: A Collection of Rustic DIY Projects


    A collection of DIY projects illustrated with color photos and step-by-step instructions to help you create a rustic style in your home or RV.

    All the projects were contributed by bloggers who specialize in Farmhouse style decor, and were selected specifically with RV owners in mind: nothing takes up too much space or will fall and break, and only basic tools and supplies are used.

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    The Ultimate Guide to Painting Your RV Interior


    Are you thinking about painting inside your RV? If so, this guide will save you hours of research time and help you decide the best way to go about it by providing an overview of the most common methods and products used successfully by other RV owners to paint various interior surfaces.

    This guide answers questions such as:

    • Do I need to sand my cabinets?
    • Do I need to remove the RV wallpaper?
    • What kind of primer should I use?
    • How do I paint fake wood?
    • Will using a certain type of paint save me time and effort?

    This 16-page guide will save you time searching for information online by pointing you to resources that will help you compare different methods and products and read about the experiences of more than 20 other RV owners and homeowners who have completed similar projects.