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16 Farmhouse Style RV Makeovers to Inspire You

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In this article, you’ll see photos of 16 cute RVs decorated with rustic, Farmhouse-style decor, including fresh paint or wallpaper, cute curtains, and cozy personal touches. Let these gorgeous farmhouse-style RVs inspire you to channel your inner Joanna Gaines!

Along the way, I’ll point out the details and products these RV owners used to achieve their look to show you how easy it would be to recreate the same look in your own RV!

1. Lacey Brooke’s Farmhouse Kitchen

Photo credit: @laceyautumnbrooke

Have you ever seen such a perfect RV kitchen? We are obsessed!

The butcher block countertops and bright white walls and cabinets make this RV light and airy. From the open shelves and the hanging produce bags to the small live plants freshening up the place, Lacey has totally nailed the farmhouse vibe HGTV’s Fixer Upper made popular.

This RV is straight out of a magazine. Lacey lives in this gorgeous RV full-time and made it feel like the coziest tiny home. She even made room for a nursery:

Photo credit: @laceyautumnbrooke

2. Brooke Seaman’s Faux Shiplap and Corrugated Metal Walls

Travel trailer living room with Farmhouse style decor by Brooke Seaman
by Brooke Seaman

Brooke and her husband Jon regularly live in their camper while traveling for work, so they wanted it to have a homey feel. Their travel trailer has undergone several phases of decor including this farmhouse look which featured white cabinets, peel-and-stick wallpaper, and cozy decor pieces.

Camper with Farmhouse style decor by Brooke Seaman
by Brooke Seaman

Brooke used burlap sacks to make curtains and cover the trim on her dining booth.

RV bathroom with a Farmhouse style corrugated tin metal wall by Brooke Seaman
by Brooke Seaman

After having to remove a wall in their bathroom due to a suspected water leak, Brooke and Jon decided to replace the wall with corrugated metal, which gave it even more of a country feel.

by Brook Seaman

Later Brooke decided to remove the upper cabinets in her RV kitchen and install open shelving. She says she doesn’t mind stashing the items on the shelf in a box when it’s time to travel.

3. The Flippin Byers Farmhouse Kitchen

2016 Keystone Laredo fifth wheel with a farmhouse style makeover by Jessica Byers of @theflippinbyers

Jessica and her husband bought this 2016 Keystone Laredo fifth wheel to live in full time, so she added her personal style to it so that it would feel more like home.

In addition to painting the walls white and the cabinets dark gray, they replaced the molding around the slideouts with stained boards for a more rustic look, replaced the light fixtures, added details like faux shiplap and subway tile and organizer buckets mounted on the wall in the kitchen for extra storage.

You can see more photos of this RV on the Byers’ Instagram page, @TheFlippinByers.

4. Cherice Perkins’ Faux Wood Wall

Cherice and her husband bought their fifth wheel to live in full-time after they sell their house. Clean gray and white paint with cheerful blue and white curtains make this kitchen feel fresh and modern.

Cherice and her husband removed the built-in dining booth and sofa, replacing it with a sofa with hidden storage under the seat and a convenient storage cart. The faux wood accent wall in the living room slide was created using peel-and-stick faux wood paneling wallpaper.

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5. Roaming with the Wild One’s Gorgeous RV Kitchen

Photo credit: Roaming With the Wild Ones

Vertical shiplap and open shelves instantly make you feel like you’re in a real farmhouse with this RV renovation. The magnetic spice holder and tiny hook for the rolling pin make this kitchen feel like home.

But I think it’s the floors that really make this farmhouse look authentic!

Photo credit: Roaming With the Wild Ones

6. Nicole Rushing’s Cozy Bathroom

Photo credit: Nicole Rushing

RV bathrooms are known for being tiny, but look what Nicole did with her tiny space!

The white walls and open shelving make this small RV bathroom feel bigger than it is. We especially love the towel hooks and simple decor she used to liven up the room.

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7. Christina LaPlaca’s Rustic Walls and Furniture

Christina and her husband bought their 2015 Forest River Wildwood Heritage Glen Lite fifth wheel to live in full time so they could keep their same home no matter where in the U.S. the military sends them. 

To mimic the look of a plank wall, Christina used peel-and-stick flooring which she then painted. She then used antiquing wax to create the illusion of depth and to give her white painted furniture an aged look.  You can read more on her blog about her bedroom makeover.

Christina used peel and stick flooring to make a faux wood wall in her kitchen, too.  She also added burlap to the inset panels of her kitchen cabinets.

Farmhouse style decor in a fifth wheel RV

To complete the vibe, she created stagecoach-style valances paired with Roman shades for the windows.

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8. Jennifer Reid’s Custom Curtains and Upcycled Decor

Farmhouse style decor used in RV makeover by Jennifer Reid
by Jennifer Reid

Jennifer and her fiancé remodeled this 2007 Timberlodge RV to use as a lake house. Having the RV set up in a permanent location gave them a bit more freedom with their decor and furniture choices.

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Farmhouse style decor used in RV makeover by Jennifer Reid
by Jennifer Reid

A versatile drop-leaf table can be expanded to seat more people or occupy less space with the leaves down.

Faux brick backsplash in RV kitchen by Jennifer Reid
by Jennifer Reid

To create her backsplash, Jennifer used faux brick paneling (available at Home Depot or Lowe’s) and added spackling “grout” and whitewash to make it look more realistic.  Her fiancé built the amazing stovetop cover.

Faux peel and stick subway tile backsplash in RV bathroom by Jennifer Reid
by Jennifer Reid

The subway tile backsplash in her beautiful bathroom is peel-and-stick tile from Amazon.

Farmhouse style decor used in RV makeover by Jennifer Reid
by Jennifer Reid

The black and white color scheme with rustic wood gives Jennifer’s RV a more modern Farmhouse feel.

9. Amy Smith’s Shiplap Kitchen

RV kitchen with Farmhouse style decor by Amy Smith
by Amy Smith

Amy and her husband sold their 1,700-square-foot home to live in this Forest River travel trailer. 

Amy has gradually been making modifications which include a peel-and-stick tile backsplash, painted cabinets, a drop-leaf table from Ikea, and peel-and-stick wallpaper on the refrigerator. Her white plank wall is actually made from textured shiplap wallpaper.

10. Kelly O’Brien’s Subway Tile

Kelly turned her 2002 Coachmen Rendezvous Class A into a farmhouse on wheels with the help of some paint, distressed wood wallpaper on the dining booth, and other decorative touches.

The dining booth transforms into a comfortable day bed.

Kelly used the same peel-and-stick subway tiles that Jennifer Reid used in her RV bathroom—a popular way to renovate your RV kitchen.

11. Kimberlyn McFadden’s Farmhouse Decor

White painted trim and Farmhouse style decor in fifth wheel RV by Kimberlyn McFadden
by Kimberlyn McFadden

Kimberlyn made the uncommon choice to paint her RV’s trim but leave the original wallpaper. A slipcover disguises the factory-original sofa.

White painted trim and faux plank wall in fifth wheel RV by Kimberlyn McFadden
by Kimberlyn McFadden

Kimberlyn used the distressed wood wallpaper to make an accent wall behind her bed and as insets for her cabinet doors.

White painted trim and Farmhouse style decor in fifth wheel RV by Kimberlyn McFadden
by Kimberlyn McFadden

She also chose to paint her kitchen cabinets two different colors, choosing a light grey for the button cabinets, and white for the uppers.

White painted trim and Farmhouse style decor in fifth wheel RV by Kimberlyn McFadden
by Kimberlyn McFadden

12. Melissa Escobar’s Custom RV Windows

Farmhouse style RV makeover with painted blue walls and framed windows by Melissa Escobar
by Melissa Escobar

Melissa has an impressive ability to innovate to create the look she imagines for her RV.  She made her curtain rods out of PVC pipe spray painted to look like copper, and framed her windows with peel-and-stick wood shiplap

I love the decorative “wrought-iron” detail in the corners of the slide-out trim, made from a shelf bracket.

Farmhouse style RV makeover with painted blue walls and framed windows by Melissa Escobar
by Melissa Escobar
Farmhouse style RV makeover with painted blue walls and framed windows by Melissa Escobar
by Melissa Escobar

13. Jennings Paige’s Cozy Living Room

The green color Jennings chose for the kitchen cabinets in contrast with rustic faux wood wallpaper gives this 2012 Keystone Cougar travel trailer a more modern farmhouse vibe.

White linen curtains, a natural fiber rug, farmhouse-style coffee table, and a rose velvet couch complete the look.

14. Michelle Sharp’s Unique Backsplash

Bright and cheerful Farmhouse style RV kitchen makeover by Michelle Sharp
by Michelle Sharp

In addition to fresh paint and cute farm decor, a tin backsplash helped Michelle achieve a bright and cheery farmhouse look in her RV kitchen.

Fruit baskets hung on cabinets in farmhouse style RV kitchen makeover by Michelle Sharp
by Michelle Sharp

Michelle added more storage by mounting these baskets on the kitchen cabinets. 

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Farmhouse style RV bedroom headboard makeover by Michelle Sharp
by Michelle Sharp

Michelle also used the distressed wood wallpaper as a bedroom accent wall.

Distressed painted wood in farmhouse style RV bedroom makeover by Michelle Sharp
by Michelle Sharp

She painted her built-in dresser with an aging technique to complete the antique Farmhouse look.

15. Robyn Crowhurst’s Barn Door

Robyn and her husband John renovated a 1990 toy hauler and turned it into a tiny home. These photos show some of Robyn’s Farmhouse style decor during one phase of their renovation process.

Robyn’s husband does construction for a living, so it was no problem for him to build a real plank wall for their bathroom.

They also added this real wood wall and sliding door to the open floor plan toy hauler to create a separate bedroom for their daughters. They reinforced the frame of their RV to compensate for the added weight of the extra walls.

Robyn uses vintage Farmhouse items like a rake head and a cheese grater to add storage to her kitchen.

16. Eric and Bri Cortes Corrugated Metal Shower

2019 Heartland Pioneer travel trailer renovated with vintage style decor by @CortesMemoir

I have seen a lot of cute RV renovations, but it’s not often one comes along that really makes my jaw drop the way this one did.

Every detail is just perfect, from the floral fabrics to the distressed wood cabinetry to the vintage artwork.

The shower walls were replaced with corrugated metal, and even though the beige wallpaper in the bathroom may look original at first glance, a closer look reveals a vintage Victorian-style pattern.

As you can see, it can be really fun to redo the inside of a camper to look more like a Farmhouse-on-wheels!

While my RV isn’t a full farmhouse-style renovation, I added faux wood plank panels to my closet. It gives my closet a little farmhouse vibe and even provides extra insulation in the winter. See how to add wood plank panels in your RV in this video:

For more inspiration, check out these Boho style RV makeovers.

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  1. I absolutely love seeing all of these remodels…. I just wish I could see one with my floor plan. I have a 2014 Salem 32bhds and now I have gone permanent….so throw all the farmhouse or cabin thoughts you have at me!!! Please and thank you!!!!

    1. Hi Cathy, I wrote this article but none of these RV’s are mine – I just found the pictures to share. Are you asking how to apply wallpaper around obstacles? If so, the best way is to unscrew and remove the object (such as the wall plug cover or light fixture), paper over the spot, and then cut a hole through the paper to replace the object. If this isn’t possible, another way is to make that the location of one of your seams. Another way is to just measure carefully and cut a hole in the paper before you hang it. I would suggest looking up some videos on YouTube that demonstrate how to apply wallpaper around obstacles for some visual examples. Good luck!

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