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RV Owners Who Replaced Their Dining Booths

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These RV owners decided to remove their dining booths.  Here’s what they replaced them with.

Table and chairs

A traditional table and chairs makes these RVs feel more like a home.

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Additional Storage

The owners of this RV used two Walmart bookshelves bolted together to create a custom eating space.  After painting the shelves and covering the top with wood grain contact paper, they set a  separate long table in front which they finished to match.

by Lisa Fox

This eating and work station was made from kitchen cabinets with the center doors removed.

by Teressa Underwood

The owners of this RV constructed a bar area out of cabinets as well.

by Janet Riggs

Additional Space

Paint isn’t required for a drastic makeover!  New furniture and window treatments make a huge impact in this RV.

by Crystal Dearstine

By removing the table and reconfiguring the benches, this dining area became a living area that can still be used for eating with a stowaway table.

by The Pope Family


By adding a piece of countertop and some stair railings along a countertop, this new eating space was created, allowing the dining booth to be removed and the space to be used for other furniture.

by Heather Roehl

Retractable Table

This retractable desk and storage unit was custom built by Amish furniture maker Focal Wood Products for RV owners John and Kathy Huggins.  You can see more photos of it at their blog.

by John and Kathy Huggins via

Motorhome owner David Barber built the unique cabinets and folding table pictured below.  You can see photos of the process here.

by David Barber via

After removing the dining booth from their motorhome, Eric and Katie of built this combination entertainment center, dining table, desk, and fireplace.

Coffee Station

As part of the process of turning her RV into a Tiny Home, this RV owner removed her dining booth and replaced it with a coffee station.  A small heater shares the space to supplement the trailer’s propane heat.

by Courtney Chamberlain

Murphy Bed/Bar

After removing their dining booth, this RV couple designed and built a bar that folds out to convert to a bed.  The bedding and folding bar stools all fit inside during travel.

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Need more ideas?  Perhaps one of these DIY furniture projects would be perfect for your space.

Alternatively, an expanding cabinet table like this one might be a good option for those who would rather buy than make their furniture.

Or, if you are undecided about removing your dining booth, you might check out my blog post about dinette booth makeovers for some inspiration.

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